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If you’re in search of a comprehensive motion graphics app that lets you create and edit videos with professional-grade visual effects, animations, and video compositing, then you’ve come to the right place. One popular option is Alight Motion, which provides advanced features and tools for creating stunning motion graphics. In this article, we’ll cover the key features, use cases, FAQs, and How to download & Install Alight Motion MOD APK on Android.

So, read on and stay with us to learn more!

What is Alight Motion Apk?

Alight Motion is a video and animation editor that brings the best-in-class and professional videos, animations, and audio tracks that are very easy to use for normal users by providing some basic, as well as professional tools to edit and create nice content straight from the smartphones. In this application, you get access to brilliant visual effects and awesome editing tools, which you can use to craft your videos and animations. Here, you get such a type of interface where you can easily capture footage and edit them instantly and this minimalistic and well-organized UI will amaze you.

Alight Motion MOD APK Download

Here, you can add visual effects, keyframes, color correction, advanced motion graphics, and much more stuff that was earlier only available for pc, but now you are getting all these things right on your mobile device. You can also use basic tools like trim, adding a border, split video, transitions, shadow, and a lot of more basic and simple tools. Here, you can also add 3D texts to your videos. So you should be aware that this application is for all types of users whether you are a beginner or a professional. There are many more features that make the Alight Motion App interesting and stand out in comparison to the other apps available on the internet.

What is Alight Motion MOD APK?

Alight motion Mod APK where you will have all the premium features, and you can easily access all those paid features. Alight motion hack mod apk is the upgraded version of the standard version. All items are paid, and you will have some features for free use that can easily make your video more interesting. There will be changes you will find; instead, you have unlocked all tools.

So, without wasting any further time let us dive straight into exploring the amazing features of the Alight Motion Pro app. 


Alight Motion Pro Features

Alight Motion App comes preloaded with thousands of features that you can always explore by experimenting yourself. Also, it is not wise to waste your time explaining the fundamental features that are mostly the same across all the basic video editors available for smartphones on the internet. So here, we will be explaining only the extraordinary features and settings that make Alight Motion come to the limelight.

Easy to access layers

You can create and manage as many layers as you want for your animation and video. This lets you integrate depth and quality into your video. You can work on minute details without making the layers messy to handle. You can add labels to the layers and rearrange them for better accessibility.

Supports working with Vectors and Bitmap files

Alight Motion App allows you to work with Vectors and Bitmap files too. So next time you can integrate high-quality vector and bitmap images into your videos without worrying over the resolution of the images. This feature is extremely useful for those who really want to make quality content to grow their YouTube channel or their byte-sized content on various platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, MX TakaTak, etc.

Easy Fluid Motion Control

This is a very cool feature of the Alight Motion App. Using this feature you can use the presets for defining the fluid motion that matches the beat of the audio track or to phase the animation implied into the transitions of the video.

Keyframe Animation

Alight Motion App supports Keyframe Animation for all the settings and adjustments.

Build your own Timing Curves

Alight Motion App lets you create and manage your own Timing Curves to make transitional effects and other phasing effects from scratch.

Velocity based Motion Blur

This feature helps to automatically adjust the focus and blur according to the velocity of the objects in the video. So next time if you want to create a transition between a slow-motion video and a fast-phased video, this feature can help your effect to shine even better.

Gradient and Solid Color Filling option

You can adjust the gradient flow and solid fills of colors for different objects in the video or animation. You can also use the color picker tool to select the color from the color palette or define RGB/Hex codes for the colors.

Supports GIF and mp4 export

Alight Motion lets you export your files in MP4 and GIF file formats. So, you can also use Alight Motion as GIF Maker. This is like hitting two birds with a stone, you don’t require to install another app to create some funny GIFs next time.

Border Effect

You can adjust the border width and style from a number of presets available within the app.

Shadow Effect and Toning

These are some fundamental features of any Video Editing app. Like all other apps, you get all the basic functionality with some improvised color toning and filters.


You can create macros for repetitive tasks and save any particular segment of the video you edited which you might want to reuse in your future projects. This makes Alight Motion perfect for you to create a complete video for uploading on YouTube. You can duplicate and add title tracks which are usually custom-built by every creator but used in a similar fashion as an introduction to the channel.

Work efficiently even on low memory devices

Alight Motion App works efficiently even on low memory devices, but still for a smooth experience, while editing, we suggest you have a smartphone with 4GB RAM because Alight Motion takes up to 1.5GB of memory. So to avoid lagging, it is preferred to have at least 3 or 4GB of RAM.

MOD Features

Alightmotion Mod Features

There are some mod features of the alight motion mod apk that make it more efficient that its standard version. Here some mod features of alight motion are discussed below.

Subscription Charges

When you download the standard version of alight motion from the google play store, you have to pay for each item, and it cannot be accessed when you purchase the subscription to this application. You will also need to pay for extra pro items when you purchase the subscription. Therefore, we introduced an amazing free mod version of alight motion that doesn’t need any subscription. 

Ads Free

Ads are a very annoying feature for any application. You have also experienced that ads pop up when you are in the last stage of your destination, and they ruin all your excitement. Ads are part of the standard version, and if you want to get rid of these ads, you must download the mod version apk file. These mod files do not carry any ads with them. Alight motion mod apk also avoids ads, and there are no ad codes in the apk file. Feel free to download and use this mod apk file. 

Import keys 

If you are working on one layer of your composition, you may import the same key for your other composition. This mod feature will help you to make less effort and get more work. Use a similar key for your other composition layer. 

Chroma key

Another amazing mod feature of this application is that it has a chroma key. Chroma key is such key that has a large range of colors and color information. You can get information about your graphic motion and set your favorite colors in it.  If you shoot any video in chroma key, you would be able to replace your video person with the required person. This is the most important and widely used feature of alight motion. Usually, this feature is used for high-level graphics.

 No lag 

Usually, users think that mod files have viruses and bugs that can harm the user’s device. This mod doesn’t carry any viruses or bugs. This mod file is so compressed and compatible with all android devices. No lag issues you will face in this application. Start your editing without lagging behind your videos. 

Download Alight Motion Pro APK

App NameAlight Motion Pro
Size168 MB
License TypeFreeware
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
Last Updated22 April 2023

Benefits of MOD File

There are some benefits of mod files which are given below.

  • You don’t need to download it again from the google play store. Once you downloaded the file you can keep it saved on your android device. If you accidentally deleted the file, you can retrieve it from your download folder.
  • All are unlocked with unlimited time features. You can access any items from this mod for free.
  • No verification will be required to download or use this file.

How to Download & Install Alight Motion APK on Android

Follow the given steps so you can easily get your mod in the minimum time.

  • You can see the download button for the alight motion mod apk on the home page.
  • As you tap that button it will take you to the next page with the download link.
  • Download link will appear countdown completed.
  • Click on the link and your program will starts downloading.
  • Keep one thing about the installation of the program, you have enabled the permission to unknown resources.
  • So, your mobile firewall would not restrict the outsource files.
  • After downloading has finished, you can easily install the program.
  • The icon of the application will appear on the screen as the installation process is completed.


Alight Motion App is a nice and easy-to-use video editor app for smartphones. You don’t require an expensive machine to edit your videos anymore. You can do all the cool editing stuff straight from your app. Alight Motion App takes the user experience to another level. You will definitely fall in love with its UI design and some of the unique features embedded in the app. We hope we were able to address all your queries and curiosity through this article, thanks for staying with us throughout the article.